Case: 35210
Category: BOTOX® Injections Treatment
Weight: 0
Height: NaN
Gender: Female
Description: This woman in her early 30’s wanted to improve the appearance to her forehead to give a less “tired” appearance.


Before and after pictures after Botox injection to the forehead area. She is at rest in these pictures and not trying to move the forehead. The vertical lines bewteen the eyebrows have faded. The horizontal lines on the forehead are not as visible. The eyebrows remain nice and even.
These pictures show the patient before and after with trying to move the muscles on the forehead. After the Botox, she is able to produce faint vertical lines between the eyebrows which signifies she still has some muscle movement to maintain a natural appearance.
Above photos are actual patients of Dr. Liu who have given consent for the use of their photos for this website.

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