Sinus Surgery

Computer Aided or Image Guided Surgery

Over the past few years a new technology has emerged that is predominately being used by otolaryngologists (Ear, Nose, and Throats), orthopedic surgeons, and neurosurgeons. By using a highly sophisticated computer with a specially performed CAT scan before surgery, the surgeon is able to obtain a three dimensional perspective of the sinuses during the surgery.
A special computer and instruments are used for the procedure and do not add much additional time to surgery. While not necessary in every case, it certainly is helpful in revision surgery cases, surgery of the frontal sinuses, and cases that involve polyps. Use of this new technology helps provide the safest surgical setting.

Special Considerations

Age. Children – There is no one specific cutoff age to perform nasal surgery. The reason why most surgeons wait until at least the mid to later teenage years is because the middle of the face and nose is a center of growth for the entire face. Therefore, manipulation of this area should only be performed after one has finished most of his or her growing. As a general rule, if the person has not had any changes in height or shoe size over 2 years, then surgery may be undertaken. Often nasal obstruction in children occurs secondary to increased adenoid tissue. The adenoids are tissue located in the most posterior potion of the nose. It is similar to the tonsils but instead of in the back of the mouth, it is located in the back of the nose. If enlarged, the adenoids may block nasal breathing. Usually the adenoids shrink by age 10 in most but not all children.

Ethnicity. It is important to consider one’s heritage when analyzing the nose. Facial features in general vary depending upon gender and race. Again, the primary goal is to achieve harmony and symmetry with the other facial features.

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