What To Expect

Initial Consultation

Most of the consultation time will be spent with Dr. Liu – not an assistant, nurse, or any other office staff member. Some patients come in requesting a very specific procedure while others come to the office desiring the physician’s opinion on several procedures, or simply an “overall” assessment. Regardless of the situation, you will receive a personalized analysis.

The primary goal is to achieve a harmonious look between the individual facial features as well as the face in relationship to the body as a whole. For instance, a patient may request nasal surgery because he or she feels that the nose is simply too large, when in fact part of the problem is a small chin. Another example would be a very tall, slender woman who brings in a picture of a model’s nose that is short and upturned – this nose will simply not fit this patient. It is vital to balance the area of concern with the rest of the face and also the entire body. Equally important is to take one’s ethnicity into account. In summary, there simply is no one “cookie-cutter” procedure that fits everyone.

The patient’s timeframe and tolerance for recovery often dictates what is recommended. Once a procedure(s) has been chosen, Dr. Liu will review the options, risks, and potential benefits. He will explain the actual surgical technique he plans to use, the expected post-operative course, and overall recovery phase.


One of the most important distinctions that must be made is the concept of quality versus quantity. Despite our best efforts, the two factors that most affect our appearance are gravity and the effects of sun damage on the skin. Most procedures address one of these two aspects better than the other. Fine lines or wrinkles would be an example of quality, while a sagging neck is example of quantity. A facelift would certainly help the sagging neck but may not necessarily be as helpful for fine lines as say a chemical peel. Often times a combined procedure yields the optimal result. This is just a simple example of how Dr. Liu can advise you.

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