Dr. Liu, I wanted to thank you for all of the professional effort you put forth to create comfort for your patients from a warm, attentive staff to your own genuine and sincere understanding of the patient’s experience.  I have felt well prepared throughout the steps of my procedure and care.  I have tried to convey my true respect for the fine and delicate skill which you have come to master.  I am happy to recommend you to any of those who inquire about my experience in the care of my condition.  When a person has found their true calling and has found happiness in their work it shines through as it does for you.

Heather M. Ross-Canigliari, BSN, RN

    Dr. Liu is a gentle, compassionate man, and an excellent surgeon.  He fully explains the diagnosis and procedure, answers questions, and puts the patient at ease prior and during surgery.  I highly recommend him.

Donald A. Neubert

     Dr. Liu and Staff, Thank you for making my life so much better.  My quality of life is 100% better after the operation.

Ken McKenna

     Dr. Liu, Words cannot express the gratitude my husband and I feel regarding the excellent care Geoffrey (son) received from you. As a family, this was the most serious thing we had experienced. Your calm professional manner, along with your warmth and the genuine sense of caring you showed us was vitally important to us. Geoff liked you right away, pronouncing you”totally cool” to his father and at times I felt like I, too, was your patient, as you answered all questions and reassured me during my time of greatest fear. Your thoughtfulness extended to the day of surgery with greeting us before, letting us know the progress during it and our private room consultation after. His recovery went beautifully and he was able to start a full day summer internship in NYC 13 days after surgery with no ill effects. I think of you often and have spoken of you so often that all of my friends joke that they all now know the only ENT/plastic surgeon to use should they need one. you are forever in our hearts. You held our son’s life in your hands and your talent and skills returned him to us safely.

–  Deborah Corbett

     Dr. Liu,  Thank you for the great care you have always given me.  It is a comfort to know that  if needed I could always get a treatment.  Thank you for being the wonderful physician  you are.


    Dr. Liu is very professional.  He informed my family after surgery privately rather than out loud in the waiting room as many other families received their news.”  – taken from a hospital survey that all patients receive after surgery

Dr. Liu – Thanks for taking care of all the “details” – for being so patient and efficient and for making my surgery as stress-free as possible.

Nancy Cummings

    Dr. Liu – Many thanks to you for your kindness last week.  How nice you were to allow me into your office, even though you had one foot out the door!…You’re the best

–  Carla

    Dear Doctor Liu, I am taking time out today because I do not want to forget to thank you for your kindness in seeing me, and ordering the “definitive” CT as a favor to your colleagues.  You are indeed a fine generous man; but I already knew that because my wife is your patient, and sings your praises regularly!…

Be assured that I appreciate your kindness and gentle “bed-side” manner, and I am joined by my wife in wishing happiness and sunshine for you and your family.

–  Tom Cosgrove