In response to COVID-19, our office is closely monitoring CDC guidelines as well as those of state, local and medical leadership. As your health and safety is our primary concern, we have instituted the following changes:

  • Patients are screened for any history of symptoms, travel, exposure
  • All staff and patients are checked for their temperature before entering the office
  • The office has installed a BIPOLAR IONIZATION HVAC system. This technology continuously sends positive and negatively charged ions into the air through the existing vents.  These ions cling to bacteria, viruses and neutralize them.  No direct line of sight is required.
  • The physician wears an N95 mask at all times when seeing patients
  • In the main exam room where procedures are performed there is an additional high power HEPA filter
  • All patients wait in their car and call the office when arrive and will be told if OK to come into the office
  • The waiting room has no more than 2 patients distanced with seating
  • We asked that only the patient come into the office.  Exceptions include if the patient is a minor (one parent can come in) or the patient has a learning disability or very elderly requiring help of a family member or aide.
  • Common area surfaces are cleaned regularly and exam chairs are disinfected between each patient.

As a reminder, please reschedule your visit if you are experiencing fever, cough, general malaise, and/or shortness of breath and/or if you or anyone close to you has been diagnosed or suspected of having COVID-19 in the past two weeks. If you or someone in your household has recently been out of the tri-state area, please reschedule to allow 14 days since your/their return before coming to our office.

If you are two weeks post vaccination (2nd dose if required depending on the vaccine) and are asymptomatic there is no need to quarantine after travel.

The latest information regarding Coronavirus can be found here: